More Than Enough

One of my favorite things to do when I’m grocery shopping is to sample the new goodies. Do you do that? The other day the store was offering tiny squares of protein bars – and they were really good.

I snagged a couple of the $3 jewels and tossed the treasures in my cart. Then I wondered why I’d gotten two. They were pricey little things. Impulse? Maybe. However, I felt a little embarrassed to return them. So they stayed in the basket. Ever do that? 

When I went to check out, the clerk was a young 20-something. She was pierced, with edgy cropped hair, and had perfectly painted-on eyebrows (is that a new trend?).

When she got to my protein bars she eyed them with a keen interest, especially the chocolate one, and said, “I’ve never seen these.”

I asked if she liked chocolate. “Yes!”

“Then, I’m giving you the chocolate one to eat on your break.”

“Really?!” Her face lit up like she’d won the lottery. (Okay, not the lottery, but you get the idea.)

“Yes - God wants to give you a little blessing!”

This was not a sacrifice (even though I wanted the chocolate one too!). I had more than enough. I had enough to give. I had a nudge. I had an opportunity to point a young gal toward the God who loves her.

We serve the More-Than-Enough God, not the barely-get-by God. He’s El Shaddai – God Almighty. He can spring for the protein bars. He’s the One Who blesses you, Who loves you, Who has MORE for you, Who wants you to be a blessing to spread His name. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “I need His more-than-enough to be my enough today.”

He’s got your back! Whether it’s hope, encouragement, love, health, finances or (fill in the blank) God is your source.  Nuzzle close to Him. Ask of Him, receive, and pass it along.

He gives us His more, so we’ll have more than enough to bless other people – to point them to Christ – that they can know Him too.

So, what’s the chocolate bar in your basket? People are so easily blessed - a word of encouragement, a note, a gift, or that chocolate bar.

Let’s spontaneously follow His nudges, get in on the adventure, and be the blessing that points people to Christ.


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