Let's Love 'em...

When I think back on the best Christmas gift that I ever received it wasn’t in a present, but presence - family to be specific.

When I was a kid, Christmas included the BIG family - grandparents, parents, kids, cousins, aunts, uncles. The anticipation leading up to the day was almost unbearable. I loved being with and loved by family.

Well, who doesn’t like being loved on? That’s the whole point of Christmas. Love Himself came down to be with us.

Now, His Family can enjoy His presence - His love - all day, every day.

So this year, let’s spread the Presence. When we are bumping shoulders with shoppers, driving in snarled traffic, or being with family in way too close quarters. Let’s love ‘em.

Love ‘em - when they don’t “deserve” it. When they cut in line, ignore you and act innocent. When they’ve been snarky just one time too many. When they don’t help with clean-up, but are first on the sofa for football. When that teenager has been insolent, unappreciative, and obnoxious - again.

We all can be holiday-grace-givers, because we can love. Because we are loved. And there is plenty more where that came from.

It’s true, those outfits don’t deserve it. And neither do we. That’s the whole point. God’s love can’t be, doesn’t need to be, never will be deserved. It’s His gift to us. And our gift to them.

This Christmas, let’s look for the grumpy, selfies of the world (or maybe inside our own families) and let’s love ‘em.

Now, we are the BIG Family. He left the job of making Himself known through folks like us. And if you’re like me, you could step up your game.

With a little effort, we could stir some smiles, brighten a day, and feel good doing it. We might be that one straw that didn’t break the camel’s back (it was a Christmas camel). We might even point someone to Jesus. Imagine that.

Love sets the Big Family apart - so let’s love ‘em!


In Their Own Words...

From Organic Outreach

My husband and I have been in the midst of one of the most challenging trials of our lives this past year. Clearly God was speaking to me as I attended three of Nancy’s sessions.  Each time, I just wanted to hear more.

I always knew that God loved me and that He was walking through this season with me. However, what resonated this time was that God is loving on me ALL the time. I need to remember that God is a “so much more God” and not a “just get by God”. I am learning to acknowledge that God is showing me His love daily. He loves me with every good event that takes place in my life, whether it is big or small. And He is loving me through the hard places. God is increasing my faith and giving me a greater peace in the midst of the storm. By Kristen McKalson


Air Force Master Sergeant…

It's crazy, I've been in the Air Force for 13 years, and spent nearly 3 years in combat zones dealing with terrible people and situations. Yet talking to those closest to me about Jesus seems more terrifying.

Nancy’s message on reaching out to people closest to us was perfect for me. Talking to those closest to me is something that I’ve been afraid of for a long time.

I'm not going to say I'm not afraid any longer, but I definitely have some great tools and notes to help me bring this up with them. Thanks for the inspiration!
By John Menanno, MSgt

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